David Parker has announced that he will be raising the fuel tax by 14c per litre, only months after having last hiked taxes on fuel by 29c per litre.

This regressive tax disproportionately hurts poor and rural households. Kiwis who are already struggling under this Government’s cost-of-living crisis will once again be hit even harder, as David Parker’s cash grab raises the cost of essential travel and pushes up the prices of food in our supermarkets.

This Government doesn’t seem to understand quite how difficult things are for Kiwis right now, so it’s about time we let them know.

Sign the petition and add your name to the fight against Transport Minister David Parker’s latest attack on your household’s finances.

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Freeze Fuel Taxes

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Taxpayer Victory!

The Government has extended the petrol excise and diesel road-user charges reductions until at least June 30th.

Thank you to everyone who used this website to send a message.
The Government is raising the fuel tax by 29 cents over February and March even as the cost of living crisis continues to impact Kiwi households.

We've made it easy for you to send an email to Finance Minister Grant Robertson telling him to freeze fuel taxes until inflation is under control.

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